Project Objective
The objective of this project was to create a consumer wellness product for college students in the year 2027. At the start of the project, I did a lot of research to identify the biggest problem among college students. I found that eating healthy is the most common problem among this demographic. At first, I focused a lot on why this is an issue. I found that most students want to eat healthy, yet the majority find themselves eating out at fast food restaurants because of convenience, money, and time. Students have difficulty finding time to go to the grocery store and preparing food. Ultimately, eating healthy foods and implementing a healthy diet requires a change in behavior and I found that altering habits among users stems from primarily intrinsic motivation. Therefore, I decided to focus on not why college students are eating unhealthy (because the previously mentioned issues are out of the control of the user), but rather what they are doing instead: Eating at fast food restaurants. From this point, the project went in a new direction entirely. I was now designing for the college users current situation.

"Based on what you need, this is where you should go"
Design Statement
To design a smart consumer wellness product for college students in 2027 that encourages healthy eating given the current situation. 
Target User: College students (ages 18-22) who eat fast food/ go out a lot 
simple.                         subtle.                    integrated. 

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