3D-printing is the future. Even for food.
Project Overview 
The goal of this project was  to create a concept for 3D-printed pasta.  How can we rethink a simple food such as pasta by taking advantage of the power of 3D printing? Thinking bigger picture, how will the food industry change with new food manufacturing techniques?

Project Overview
I thought about different pasta elements, and the first thing that came to mind was: Meatballs. After brainstorming different concepts, I came up with the idea of designing accessories for meatballs. The ideas spiraled from there...
Even 3D-printed pasta has an ideation process:
Head wear ideation. 
I experimented with many different sizes and shapes for the hats. I decided to design small bite size hats that could be served as appetizers at dinner parties. 
The Impasta Story
Impasta will be available world-wide in 2043 in all Whole Foods Markets*
*Just kidding*
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