CVA is short for Cerebrovascular Accident, which is the scientific term for a stroke. CVA is designed to assist users who only have use of one hand. The sharp curves allow for easy scooping without needing the extra support of another hand. The sophisticated design brings dignity back to eating for the stroke victims who previously either had to rely on others for assistance or use plastic, child-like assistive dinnerware.
This was originally a school project. For the project, I 3-D printed my plate, bowl, and spoon and created renders in context. These can be seen here. I ended up submitting this design to the Tech Sage competition and was one of the finalists. I received great critiques and feedback from the judges and took this feedback to further develop the dinnerware set as a personal project. The design process shown above shows the initial stages of the project that I started in school. The new design developments from my personal project are presented in the design and deliver sections. 

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