The Problem.
How can we use sensor-based technology to improve the experience of walking home at night?
Concept Proposal
The Buddy System is a clip on, low-light activated proximity sensor for the user’s bag or backpack. When a pedestrian or possible stalker is within a certain range, a vibration motor (attached at the bag strap) is activated to alert the user of possible danger.
The user interface for the Buddy System is simple. Different series of vibrations and visual cues alert the users of varying levels of danger based on how long an object remains within a certain range. These vibrations coordinate with a colored led that reiterate the message to the user. Below, are sketches of different screen iterations. I brainstormed different ways to present the information from the proximity sensor. After asking different individuals their preferences, I decided to move forward with just a simple screen that changes color. The individuals that I interviewed believed that a plain screen would be simple and straightforward and would best convey the different alerts for the device. 
User Feedback
My team members and I tested our concept with our peers in the class. We filled out a "User Testing Report" for each user and also had the users rate our product in different category. Below is a scanned in version of the reports. Click through to see the feedback the group received. 

Click through the iPad to see the different user feedback.

Summary of feedback.
The Update.

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