Hello! I am Lucy Kates 👋.
I strive to create magical experiences through designs that push past utilitarian solutions and evoke emotion for users. After my four years at Georgia Tech, I have developed a passion for designing experiences that transform the user, no matter how small the transformation. My interest in the relationship between psychology and design has resulted in a strong emphasis on the user journey throughout my design process. 

I am currently looking for design jobs! Please reach out if you would like to connect.
Here are the Top 10 Lucy Kates Facts: 
1. I absolutely love learning new things!
2. I am originally from a town right outside Philadelphia. 
3. Even though I have not played the drums since high school, I consider myself a drummer (I like to think that "once a drummer, always a drummer"...) I hope to continue drumming in the future!
4. I love to make videos.
5. I have a strong passion for hiking, the backcountry, and the outdoors.
6. Maggie Rogers is my all time favorite musician. 
7. Potatoes are my favorite food hands down. Name a more versatile food! (French fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, chips, hash browns, tater tots, etc...) I once even had a potato party. 
8. I always carry my Nalgene water bottle with me.
9. I care about health a lot and really enjoy cooking.
10. Last, but not least... I am a designer!

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